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March 23, 2006: Behind the Scenes of “Superman Returns: The Videogame”

BlueTights.net has posted an article about the design and construction of the fictional city of Metropolis for the up-coming release "Superman Returns: The Videogame"...

    It's one thing to enjoy all this detail at street level, but when your'e talking about a Superman game, we need to look to the sky. From running along the streets like any third person city game, you can seamlessly transition into flight and go places no game has gone before. Metropolis was designed to be experienced vertically. EA developed new proprietary world-building software to create a Metropolis tailored to the Man of Steel. In addition to helping them differentiate sectors of the city, the world-builder can even give them a heroe's-eye view of the city so they can essentially carve flight paths into the city skyline. Even the heights of buildings are tailored to giving the player a smooth flying experience, which you're going to be thankful for when you're rocketing around at super-speeds. In addition, the team didn't stop designing at ground level. In Metropolis, civilization claws it's way skyward, with advertisements, sky-bridges, and railways sprinkled at all levels - there's even air traffic!

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