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September 21, 2006: “Superman Returns” DVD News

Warner Home Video have now officially announced that "Superman Returns" will be released on November 28th (along with a whole list of other Superman related DVDs as we've reported).

WHV has also released the artwork for the back cover of the single-disc and double-disc editions of "Superman Returns".

DVD Artwork DVD Artwork DVD Artwork DVD Artwork
Single Disc Single Disc [Back Cover] Double Disc Double Disc [Back Cover]
Superman Returns Superman Returns
Superman Returns DVD (Single Disc fullscreen) Superman Returns HD DVD and DVD Combo Format

Meanwhile, VideoBusiness.com published an article today with the following details about a HD DVD Combo disc release of "Superman Returns"...

    On Nov. 28, the studio [Warner Bros.] will release its $197 million-grossing Superman Returns as an HD DVD Combo disc (which has HD DVD on one side of the disc and standard-def on the other) priced at $39.99 and on Blu-ray Disc with a list price of $34.99.

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