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June 26, 2006: Coca-Cola “Superman Returns” Ultimate Experience Launch Party

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to the Coca-Cola "Superman Returns" Ultimate Experience Launch party held at Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

The party was held on Saturday night, June 24th. Basically it was the first night of the 4-day holiday for the Coca-Cola "Superman Returns" Ultimate Experience prize winners. The gates of the theme park were opened exclusively for the prize winners (roughly 1000 people in total) at 6.30pm. We made our way up the red carpet to applaus from Movie World staff, with free drinks being offered on trays. Most of the theme park and its rides were opened for the guests to enjoy, including the "Superman Escape" ride.

I experienced the ride for the first time. It was amazing!! The best ride I've ever been on! A breath-taking experience.

An MTV camera crew were in attendance, and I was interviewed about the up-coming movie, this website and my views on the rollercoaster ride. I believe the interview will be televised in Australia on the MTV cable channel in around 2 weeks. I'll post details on when it will air as soon as I hear word.

I met lots of nice people, all very interested to hear about the website and my thoughts on the movie (which they'll see on Wednesday night as part of their tour).

Thanks to Meredith Carson (event manager) for organizing my invitation.

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