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Brandon Visits Sick Kids

March 5, 2006: Routh Visits Sick Kid in Hospital

The Des Moines Register has published an article about Brandon Routh visiting sick kids in Hospital in his original home town. Here's part of that article...

    Superman was wearing a gray shirt, jeans and Nike sneakers - not the man of steel's trademark suit and cape - when he stopped by a boy's Des Moines hospital room to try out his powers of entertainment.

    "Andrew, do you know who I am?" asked Brandon Routh, the Norwalk native who is playing Clark Kent and Superman in the film "Superman Returns," which opens in June. "It's OK if you don't. Not a lot of people know me yet."

    Routh has so far kept a low profile during the buildup to the movie's release, but he traveled to his birthplace of Des Moines this weekend to participate in the Variety Telethon, which winds up today, to benefit critically ill, at-risk, abused, underprivileged and special-needs children.

    Brandon Signs Autographs Andrew Smith, 8, sat blushing in a leather chair in his room at Blank Children's Hospital when Routh and his girlfriend of two years, Courtney Ford of Los Angeles, popped in on Friday for a 10-minute visit. Andrew's arms locked stiff with nervousness and excitement as he held himself up in the chair and chatted with the actors.

    Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia in September, and he has undergone treatment at the hospital during the past few months. His grandfather brought him a tape of a Superman movie to help him pass the time.

    "It was cool," Andrew said after Routh left. "I'm going to tell all (my classmates) that I got to see Superman."

Read the complete article at DesMoinesRegister.com.

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