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Brandon at the Kitson launch

May 2, 2006: Brandon & Kate at Kitson Unveiling Event

Yesterday evening Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth attended the exclusive event held by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and hip Beverly Hills boutique Kitson, unveiling the all-new Superman Returns apparel, accessories and fashion doll collection at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills, California.

ComingSoon.net/SuperheroHype.com talked to the pair about the upcoming film and what fans can expect. Here's an excerpt from the interview with Brandon...

    Q: Where did you draw your inspiration?

    Routh: It's from my vision of the character and how I see Superman and what I want out of Superman. But, also it's everyone who's come before me. It's George, it's Kirk Alyn, it's Christopher Reeve, the cartoons, the image, how society views Superman, how everybody feels about it. All of that wrapped up into my interpretation of it.

    Q: Any unique takes that you put on him?

    Routh: I don't know. The only thing that I can think of that sticks out to me is my approach really to Clark is that he's a spy for Superman, which is kind of fun. He's just really excited about everything he does. He's not necessarily clumsy for the sake of being clumsy, but he gets really excited.

    Brandon & Kate at the Kitson launch Q: What can fans expect from this film?

    Routh: They can expect a lot of action and a lot of flying. There are many references to the past films and comic story lines and characters in it and other actors that have been in other things which is really kind of neat. They'll get a kick out of that that the general public won't see. There's a lot of new things to see that they won't expect which is a really great story and relationships and some deep emotions, but yet they won't feel like it's a drama piece. There's a really, really scary Lex Luthor in it from Kevin which is fantastic.

    Q: Out of all of the Superman films which one and which character do you think you're closest to?

    Routh: I have to say it's probably Chris's performance because he was my Superman and so in my head that's what I see. You know, probably most in the beginning of the film when I thought about Superman flying or reading the script, in my head it was probably actually me envisioning him in a way as I was playing it back in my head.

Read the entire interview at the SuperHeroHype website.

The Daily Telegraph has published a report about this event online, including the 2 photos shown here.

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