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November 3, 2006: “Superman Returns” DVD Trailer & Websites

Warner Home Video has released a trailer advertisement for the DVD release of "Superman Returns".

The trailer basically uses the same footage used in the trailers released prior to the film's theatrical release.

Check it out in either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player formats.

Meanwhile, both the official "Superman Returns" movie site and the official MySpace "Superman Returns" site have been updated to reflect the up-coming release of the DVD. Both also contain the DVD trailer and information about the DVDs, while the MySpace site also has 3 behind-the-scenes clips well worth watching.

There's also a competition where you and a friend could win a trip to Hollywood to attend the November 16th "Superman Returns" DVD release event where you'll act as a red carpet reporter interviewing the celebrities and reporting on the event for the MySpace site. Contest ends November 6th.

DailyPlanet.com has also been updated to reflect the up-coming release of the DVD. The site contains some new mobile phone additions, including a "Luthor's Payback" game.

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