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Ben Affleck as George Reeves

August 15, 2006: Ben Affleck on Being Cast as George Reeves

MSNBC has published an interview with Ben Affleck in which he discusses being cast as George Reeves in the up-coming September 8th film "Hollywoodland". Here's a part of the interview...

    "Talk about choosing the role. How did it come about? How did you make this choice?"

    "Initially, it was just the script was really good. It's taken me awhile, but I've kind of learned to just understand that script has to be good to start with. It's not like 'We will get it there. We'll work on it and it'll get better.' It has to be great to begin with," Ben explained. "We have a director who is a really smart guy and had a great take on it and I had a chance to work with these sublime actors. I mean, Diane Lane is as good as anyone. Adrien Brody is spectacular. So that was kind of a given in that sense."

Read the complete interview at the MSNBC website.

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