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June 11, 2006: HotToys Announce “Superman Returns” Collector Dioramas

Hong Kong's Hot Toys has announced the up-coming release of a range of Superman Returns collector dioramas and a 12 inch Superman figure.


Total five (5) Collector Diorama designs in 3-4" tall each, including:

  • Superman bust
  • Superman in fight
  • Superman & Lois Lane
  • Superman in power
  • Clark Kent bust


    Ultra realistic SUPERMAN action figure. Figure comes with:

  • True to 1:6 th scale
  • Stands 12 inches tall
  • Additional pair of hands
  • Figure Display stand featuring Superman returns logo
  • Limited in production: TBA
  • Certificate of authenticity with serial number

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    12 inch Superman figure from HotToys.com.hk 12 inch Superman figure from HotToys.com.hk 12 inch Superman figure from HotToys.com.hk Clark Kent Bust from HotToys.com.hk
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    Superman In Flight from HotToys.com.hk Superman In Power from HotToys.com.hk Superman Bust from HotToys.com.hk Superman & Lois Lane from HotToys.com.hk

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