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December 17, 2006: Another Christopher Reeve Costume on Ebay

A Superman costume from the making of "Superman: The Movie" is currently up for auction on ebay.

    A lessor suit of this condition and caliber sold several years ago for $156,000 after hammer at a major auction house. Lessor meaning that this is the rarest most prominent suit of all because of having separate trunks not sewn onto the tunic. It wasn't until a few beginning shootings back in 1977 did they decide to sew the trunks to the tunic to keep the trunks from "riding-up". The separate trunks worked great for the perfect standing and walking poses but when it came to vigorous action scenes they decided to sew the trunks to the tunic to keep them in place without continuous adjusting which resulted in scene cutting which wasted time and money so they went with both designs. Reeve preferred this version because it was more comfortable especially during long days on the set in the suit. And how many of you that know this stuff inside and out have actually seen "separate trunks" on a Reeve/Superman suit? I promise you...not many...if ANY at all!

    Also, this has the rarer "Muscle tunic" as stated on the Berman & Nathan's label which means it's a very early suit because Christopher Reeve still needed a little help with padding as he hadn't bulked up completely through vigorous training and working out to be the Superman he felt that he needed to be and eventually became in a very short time. Did you know he wore a little bit of padding in some scenes of the the first film?

You can read more about this costume and bid for it on ebay.com.

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