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March 27, 2006: Marketing the Man of Steel

Variety reports on the journey of both the Superman and X-Men film franchises, and compares the marketing and promotions the studios have planned. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    "Superman isn't caught up in the same angst that other characters like Spider-Man or Batman are," says Gaetano Mastropasqua, Warners' corporate senior VP of global promotions and partner relations. "Superman stands for truth, justice and a positive way of life."

    The studio is undertaking what it calls an unprecedented campaign to promote "Superman Returns" with corporate partners that include Pepsi, Perfect Match.com, Burger King, Duracell and Quaker State Motor Oil. The "S" Superman logo will on Quaker State's Q Line, used for high-performance cars like Ferraris.

    The idea is to get across Superman's "power, strength and durability," Mastropasqua says.

    In marketing Singer's version, Warner Bros. has paid particular attention to the comicbook's fan base, some of whom were wary of previous incarnations and expressed their opinions so on high-trafficked Internet sites. Last summer, in the midst of shooting, the studio flew Singer via private jet from the film's Australian location to San Diego, where he screened footage at the annual Comic-Con comic book convention. The response was enthusiastic.

    "You are never going to satisfy everybody," says producer Michael Euslan ("Batman," "Batman Begins"), who has started a new company called Comic Book Movies with financier M. Jonathan Roberts. "But if you can't satisfy the main part of the fan base, you are going to have problems. These are people who are not only schooled in the characters, the mythology and the history but also in the creators over the years. They know what they like."

Read the entire article at the Variety website.

Meanwhile, Rampway Online has posted an interesting article about what could have been had Jon Peters got his way.

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