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June 28, 2006: Superman Returns First Report

By Neal Bailey

This is my first "Superman Returns" review. This is my surface review. For those of you who follow my work reviewing "Smallville", you know that I take notes, examine something in a pretty in-depth manner, and then give pros and cons before a rating. I like that style, it really lets me dig in and hit the subject matter hard.

For "Superman Returns", I had no notebook, I had no desire to waste my first viewing scribbling furiously or doing anything other than being immersed, and so I decided to do two reports. The first, initial, oh-wow first impressions, and then the scholar's look, which will come probably Monday after about three more viewings and extensive notes.

With that in mind, please know that what I say here is off-the-cuff, straight from a first impression, written not an hour after leaving the theater and hocked up from standing in line for about 9 hours.

I can think of no better subject for my 400th article for this site, and I'm proud to give you my thoughts on "Superman Returns"...

Problem is, that's incredibly hard. Why? Because I'm still soaking it in, even now.

I'm going to do this gonzo style, without a thesis, musing, so bear with me.

Is this a Superman movie? Yes. It is a GOOD Superman movie? Yes. Is it an EXCELLENT Superman movie? Yes.

Is this a Superman movie that gives me, Neal Bailey, everything I want? No.

Is that the appropriate lens for a reviewer? I guess it's the best.

Here's a more appropriate question. Does it give me what I expect and desire from a Superman movie? Yes.

I'll elaborate a bit.

Click here to read Neal's complete first report from "Superman Returns".

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