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June 9, 2006: Brandon Routh in In Touch Weekly Magazine

The June 12, 2006 issue of In Touch Weekly magazine has an article featuring "The Hottest Movie Hunks... There's no escaping the heat this summer- these big-screen stars get our temperatures rising!". On page 43, Brandon Routh is voted in at number 9 as the "Cool Newcomer" with the following details...

    Cool newcomer, Brandon Routh, 26

    Why he's hot: this tall, dark and handsome stud fills the shoes of the iconic Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve, in Superman Returns.

    A role he was born to play: 'When I was 6 years old, I dressed in my Superman pajamas,' says the Iowa native. 'And I'd jump around the house'.

    Worst grooming mishap: 'Frosting my hair. I looked like a late-'90s frat boys,' says Brandon, 'I cut off the frosted tips myself'.

    Surprising fact: He was a struggling actor 'working for an Internet company putting Styrofoam peanuts in boxes' three years ago. 'I thought, What's going on in my life?'"

    How he got in shape: 'I've worked out hard since getting the role.' Brandon admits. 'I got six months training under my belt before slipping into the suit."

The article also contains two photos: One of Routh as Superman with the tag "You feel powerful in the costume," says Routh. And the other is a picture of Routh wearing jeans and a blue shirt with the DC Comics logo in red.

I've corrected/deleted a few points in the above text. The actual article calls the movie "Superman Lives", obviously that's wrong. They also state he is going out with Rachel Boston, but he's actually currently in a relationship with Courtney Ford.

Thanks to Elizabeth (smlvilleluva) for providing us with this information.

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