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April 25, 2006: Time Magazine on Up-Coming Movie Blockbusters

TIME Magazine has posted an article (online and in their latest edition) discussing the 2006 blockbuster films.

Included in their write-up on "Superman Returns" is this previously unseen photo of Brandon flying.


    Starring: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth. Release date: June 30. What the first four made: $318 million

    THE CHALLENGE The problem with Superman is that he doesn't have enough problems. He can pretty much do anything - dude has superbreath - and apart from the kryptonite thing, he's pretty much invulnerable. And oh, my stars, what a do-gooder. Where's the inner conflict? Or the outer conflict, for that matter? He's not dark and troubled like Batman or Wolverine, or cute and clueless like Spider-Man.

    WHAT'S NEW You can't openly monkey with the Superman mythology - there are probably federal laws against it - so to reinvent him director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, the X-Men movies) went subtle, quietly tweaking canonical story lines to roil Supe's placid emotional waters. When the movie opens, Big Blue has been gone for five years, and he gets back to find that Lois Lane has a new guy (!) and a kid (!!). Now, wouldn't that ruffle your spit curl?

    THE BUZZ The set radiated bad p.r.: there were rumors of reshoots and wild budget overruns (the reported cost is a mighty $185 million). And do comic-book fans really care if Superman is a lover as well as a fighter? New guy Routh fills out the blue tights, and Spacey looks like a deliciously loony Lex Luthor, but Clark Kent might need to find a new beat.

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