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June 6, 2006: Alienware's Superman Systems Take Flight

Alienware Celebrates June 28th Release of Warner Bros. Pictures' Superman Returns with Individually-Numbered Desktop and Notebook Systems That Brilliantly Capture the Superman Mystique with Magnificent Case Artwork and Exclusive Desktop Theme

In celebration of Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming epic action adventure film, Superman Returns soaring into theatres nationwide on June 28th, Alienware - the leading manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, media center, server and professional systems - has released limited-edition desktop and notebook systems inspired by DC Comics' iconic Super Hero, Superman. The desktop and notebook systems showcase masterful artwork of the Man of Steel on the outer cases. Alienware's Area-51 Superman Edition desktop and Area-51 Superman Returns Edition notebook come with a certificate of authenticity. Each system also includes a specially-designed Superman desktop theme by The Skins Factory utilizing Stardock's Theme Manager software.

The case design of the individually-numbered Superman desktop was created by the revered artists at DC Comics. The artwork traces Superman's progression from child to Super Hero in vivid detail and includes other memorable characters such as Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, the individually-numbered Superman notebook comes in a striking blue design adorned with the iconic S-Shield logo on the front panel of the notebook.

Alienware Notebook The special-edition desktop and notebook both feature an immersive Superman desktop theme that transforms users' icon, wallpaper, and media player designs by incorporating distinctive touches from the Superman universe, such as green Kryptonite and Clark Kent's glasses. Powerful as well as stylish, the Superman systems come loaded with an array of cutting-edge technology: the Area-51 Superman Edition desktop features Intel Viiv Technology with dual-core Intel Pentium D processors and high-definition audio, while the Area-51 Superman Returns Edition notebook also features Intel Viiv Technology and offers Intel Core Duo processors and dual hard drives to go with a 17-inch wide-screen display.

"The appeal of the Superman character has resulted in numerous successful incarnations, from comic books to movies to TV shows, and now at last, has extended over to PCs so fans can celebrate their favorite Super Hero every time they use their Alienware computer," said Frances T. Alvarez, Director of Licensing at Alienware. "Mind-blowing power and lightning-fast speed come to mind when people think of Superman, and these same qualities embody the heart of Alienware PCs, making us a natural fit to offer these once-in-a-lifetime systems."

Visit Alienware's Superman website for more details and some great artwork, including downloadable wallpapers and buddy icons for your computer.

Update: The Skin Factory designed the GUI interface for the Alienware Superman desktop and notebook computers...

Alienware's Limited-Edition Superman Systems Take Flight.

Limited-edition, individually-numbered Superman desktop and notebook systems from Alienware are now available. Alienware contracted The Skins Factory to conceive and create a specially-designed Superman desktop theme that radically transforms the users' Windows Media Player, icons, wallpaper and Windows XP's look and feel.

Drawing on years of fandom here at TSF, our creative team designed a theme that is true to spirit of the 'World's Greatest Superhero'.

Scouring the Superman mythos, our team of 'supermen' chose the most popular symbols of the classic Superman like Clark's glasses, x-ray vision FX, kryptonite, the famous Daily Planet logo and even the Kent family farm's mailbox. The wallpaper shows a young Kal-El headed toward Earth as the planet Krypton's shatters in the background.

The theme is only available when you purchase an Alienware Area-51 Superman Returns Edition Notebook or the Area-51 Superman Edition Desktop.

Skin Factory. Skin Factory. Skin Factory. Skin Factory. Skin Factory.

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