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July 4, 2006: Framestore Talks “Superman Returns” Visual Effects

VFXWorld.com has published an article on London-based Framestore CFC, one of many visual effects companies used on "Superman Returns", in which they discuss some of the difficulties experienced during certain sequences. Here's part of the article...

    Of the sequence of the seaplane struggling through a ravine to escape the still-growing island, Martin said, "This was a tricky one - the CG elements included the crystal rocks, the plane and some of the water elements. But if there's one thing we've learned from previous projects, it's to use live elements whenever possible, so the waterfalls were mostly real ones. The ocean material, on the other hand, was CG, because of the shots needed and the fact that shooting plates of water as stormy as required is almost impossible."

    Martin added that - somewhat to his surprise - the crystals posed much more of a challenge than the ocean work. "Managing the complexity of the crystalline geometries, and how much would be in each shot was a real headache," he said, "whereas with the oceans we had a look established quite early on, and it was just a case of refining it and going back and forth with the compositors."

Read the entire article at the VFXWorld.com website.

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