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July 9, 2006: Brandon Routh a Fan of Football

The FIFA World Cup is now over (with Italy beating France on penalties), and it seems Brandon Routh is a big fan of the game. Here's an excerpt from an interview posted on the FIFA World Cup website...

    What are your thoughts of this World Cup?

    Well it's been challenging to sit down and watch a complete game because I've been so busy promoting the film Superman Returns. But I did get to watch the USA games and I think they played well, with the exception of the Czech game. I am proud of them and I know they gained great experience which will pay off in four years. There have been some pretty exciting overtimes and PK sessions! It's been a pretty lively Cup.

    What was the first FIFA World Cup you followed? Do you have any heroes from past tournaments?

    I've followed three World Cups now. My idol in the history of the tournament is Pele. From an early age playing soccer, he was probably the only name I really knew. So his legend has definitely made an impact on American soccer culture.

Read the complete interview at the FIFA World Cup website.

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