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June 11, 2006: “Superman Returns” Parker Posey Interview

As we reported yesterday, the Superman Homepage's Jeffrey Bridges attended a press junket where he got to interview the cast and crew after seeing "Superman Returns" the night before.

Here is the transcript of the roundtable interview with Parker Posey.

    Press: Can we talk a little bit more about the fashion, and how much input did you have?

    Parker: Louise, our costume designer, started with something different and then it became this kind of these little homages to Hollywood glamour. '40s, '30s '70s, '80s they had a huge room of vintage clothes that you would try on. "Oh, this feels right." "This reminds me of the second Superman with the woman with the short haircut" Remember she had that jumpsuit? Well let's put a coat over that and can I have a cap that's kind of like a gangster (indecipherable) so we get that kind of feel to that and can we have a shoemaker come in to design boots? I don't want any pointy shoes, I want them round so she walks kind of like they're keeping her bound in a way. And when we got to set, maybe like three, four days into it, we were shooting at the Vanderworth mansion and it was a really long night and I said, "I want that dog, every chance I can get." So then that's what she holds on to and I think it's such a great prop for her and a great image to this woman who is in love with a man who isn't loveable.

Read the complete interview right here at the Superman Homepage.

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