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August 10, 2006: More Superman DVDs Available to Pre-Order

Yesterday we reported on the pre-order availability of "Superman Returns", "Superman II: The Donner Cut" and a "Superman: The Ultimate Collector's Boxed 13 Disc Set " available on DVD from Play.com.

We've also discovered that Play.com has listed a "Christopher Reeve: 9 Disc Box Set" available to pre-order for its November 20th release. (Note: They spell his surname "Reeves", so we're pretty sure this is not an officially released description of the box set).

    • Features both the 1978 original cut and the 2001 extended edition
    • Commentary from Richard Donner and Tom Mankiewicz
    • Archival footage
    • Additional scenes
    • Screen tests
    • Superman II:
    • Features the Richard Donner Cut
    • Never before seen beginning
    • Never before seen resolution with 15 minutes of restored footage
    • Vintage TV specials
    Featuring the 4 disc SE of Superman, the 3 disc SE of Superman 2 and both double disc Deluxe Editions of 3 and 4 this beast of a box set is a must for any hardened fan of the franchise.

Meanwhile, Columbia House have listed the 4th and final season of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" available to pre-order for its October 24th release.

    The final season of the series sees Lois (Hatcher) and Clark (Cain) finally tie the knot and includes the series finale in which the couple gets a surprise on the doorstep. Guest stars include Justine Bateman, Delta Burke, the underappreciated Terry Kiser as H.G. Wells and a clever cameo by Jack Larson (the Jimmy from the 1950's Adventures of Superman) as an aged Jimmy Olsen. All 22 episodes are collected in this high-flying set.

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