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August 25, 2006: Paul Bernbaum Talks “Hollywoodland”

CourtTV.com has conducted an interview with "Hollywoodland" screenwriter Paul Bernbaum, asking him his opinions of the death of George Reeves and his outlook on the film. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: What do you want the viewer to walk away with after seeing this movie?

    A: There are three theories, and I would love for an audience to walk out and to have it be split three ways of how people think it happened. I hope that it comes across, and the theories are presented, and that they're all strong, and they're all compelling, and they all have merit, and people can believe either of the three and make a case for it, because nobody knows for sure what happened.

    Q: If you lean more towards the suicide theory, why didn't you slant your movie towards it?

    A: Just because it's what I think happened, doesn't mean it is what happened. I wouldn't just want to have a definitive ending for this. All I want to do is present everything that is out there. And like I said with the police work, there's no question that it was shoddy, and it should have been called into question. There were certainly lots of questions that went unanswered. The studio at one point was almost insisting that we come to a conclusion, but we were able to sort of talk them out of it.

Read the complete interview at CourtTV.com, and be sure to catch the "Who Killed Superman?" special on North Mission Road airing on Monday August 28th at 9.30pm on Court TV.

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