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March 23, 2006: Brandon Talks About the Evolution of Superman

The Sydney Morning Herald has published an article called "Superman Returns (He was in Sydney)", in which they explore the journey Brandon Routh has made to become the Man of Steel, and take a look at the journey of getting a new Superman movie up and running. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    "It's nice to watch the character mature, rather than just to start over again," Routh said. "He gets to continue his journey, which is exciting, I think, for fans, instead of retelling again what we've seen in many different versions.

    "We really get to see what's next and watch him evolve as a human, well, as an alien, but on Earth, like we evolve. We get to watch Superman evolve and learn about relationships and love."

Read the complete article at the SMH.com.au website.

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