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Bullet in the Eye

June 26, 2006: “Superman Returns”... A Real Eyeful

A Hollywood Reporter blog reveals that the bullet in the eye sequence in "Superman Returns" was not originally budgeted for, and it took some fast talking by Bryan Singer to have it included...

    At the Hollywood premiere Wednesday night, Singer admitted that the scene wasn't originally budgeted and getting it in required an impassioned argument: "Look, in one scene we can see him be faster than a speeding bullet and we can truly see how impervious he is. And how every molecule in his body is more than steel. I made a plea in the middle of production and graciously Warner Bros. kicked in some extra cash."

    And just how much extra cash?

    "Uh, about $2.3 million. It's all about that shot."

    Right in the eye!

Read the complete report at the Risky Biz Blog.

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