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April 29, 2006: Superman Documentary to Screen at Hot Docs Film Festival


Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is pleased to announce the addition of Bryan Singer and Kevin Burns' LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN to the upcoming Festival's slate of outstanding films. The much anticipated doc will receive its world premiere on the final day of the Festival, Sunday, May 7 at 7:00 pm at the Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles Street West.

Superman has flown from the pages of comic books to become one of the most recognized pop-culture icons in the world. The star of every entertainment medium, Superman's influence spans more than seven decades. But what's the real story of this strange alien from a doomed planet? Comic art, highlights from classic television shows and blockbuster films, rarely seen screen tests, outtakes and revealing interviews with celebrities, fans and the creative forces behind Superman chronicle seven decades of the world's most beloved super hero.

The story of Superman is the story of the most influential, merchandised, and imitated character in the history of super heroes. Since his arrival in the pages of Detective Comics in 1938, Superman has emerged as the ultimate symbol of the American dream - an immigrant who leaves his devastated homeland, to triumph (and re-invent himself) in the land of opportunity.

Created during a turbulent decade that saw the rise of totalitarian dictatorships, gangsterism and the Great Depression, Superman - the unflinching champion of truth, justice and the American way - struck an immediate chord among both children and adults, who embraced the character as an embodiment of American ideals.

In the seven decades since his debut, Superman has also provided a revealing reflection of the vast, sometimes violent, upheavals of the 20th century, providing a pop-culture prism through which a unique portrait of America is revealed.

Writers, artists, filmmakers and others have radically reshaped the Superman mythology, culminating in the character's latest 21st century reincarnation in director Bryan Singer's feature film, Superman Returns.

Produced by Bryan Singer (THE USUAL SUSPECTS, X-MEN, X-2) and Kevin Burns (EMPIRE OF DREAMS: THE STORY OF THE STAR WARS TRILOGY, CLEOPATRA: THE FILM THAT CHANGED HOLLYWOOD, POSEIDON), LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN is the definitive feature-length documentary on the history of Superman. Creative forces behind the legend, the actors and directors who have brought him to life, as well as his devoted fans tell the Man of Steel's remarkable story, giving insight on how he has made an indelible mark on the landscape of America and the world.

LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN joins 100 other outstanding films that will be screened at the 13th annual Hot Docs Festival, April 28 - May 7. Tickets for LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN and all other festival screenings are $10 each and can be purchased online at www.hotdocs.ca, over the phone by calling 416-588-8DOC (8362), or in person at the Hot Docs CBC Newsworld Advance Box Office at 512 Bloor Street West (inside Sonic Boom Records).

LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN will be available on DVD on June 20. SUPERMAN RETURNS will be in theatres on June 30.

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