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June 10, 2006: “Hollywoodland” Set for September 8th

According to a few sources, "Hollywoodland", the movie about the life and death of Superman actor George Reeves, is set to debut on September 8th, just in time for Oscar nominations.

IGN FilmForce has learned that Ben Affleck's performance as George Reeves is so strong in the film that Focus Features thinks he has a real shot at a Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

    Interestingly, Focus Features has not yet released any official images or trailers for Hollywoodland. Although sources could not verify why this was the case, it could be that Focus is unable to capitalize on their film's Man of Steel connection until after Warners' Superman Returns opens June 28th (so as to not confuse filmgoers with marketing for two Superman-related movies).

    If true then it wouldn't be the first time Hollywoodland's Superman connection has become an issue. Sources previously informed us that the film, which had been called Truth, Justice & the American Way, underwent a title change after Warner Bros. objected to them using the Man of Steel's motto.

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