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June 11, 2006: More “Superman Returns” Billboards and Posters

Bookmarks First up, Clark Chen emailed in with some scans of "Superman Returns" bookmarks currently available in cinemas and book stores in Taiwan.

Steve Truncale sent in three photos from the San Michelle train station in Paris, France.

    The first one was plasted on a white tiled wall and shows Superman bursting through... a white tiled wall. No words, just him. Very cool effect. The second one was a 6-foot poster that was made to look like the front page of the Daily Planet. The DP logo is at the top, where the date would be it says 'Edition Speciale'. The Headline is 'Superman Est De Retour!' Under that is a cool shot of Superman flying around the Eiffel Tower. The part of the article I can make out under the photo says 'Apres cinq ans d'absence. I'homme d'acier est de retour. Le Daily Planet vous tout ce qu'il faut savior sur cette incroyable reapparition.

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Marc Nunes from Lisbon, Portugal sent in these pics of a hanging cardboard "Superman Returns" poster.

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My sister (Car-El) and her husband grabbed these photos of a huge billboard spanning half the M4 freeway near Wentworthville in Sydney.

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Scotty V sent in more photos of the Toys R Us store display in Times Square, New York.

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Jym-El sent in these photos of an arial view of the Scarborough Town Centre poster (taken while he was flying over the area), a close-up of an advertisement on a low-floor TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) Bus, and a full view of the TTC Bus.

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