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June 16, 2006: Routh Readies for Premiere of “Superman Returns”

KCCI.com has published a report about how busy Brandon Routh is leading up to the world premiere of "Superman Returns"...

    The worldwide premiere of "Superman Returns" is nearing and a whirlwind week is in store for Iowa's Man of Steel and his parents.

    Norwalk native Brandon Routh's moment in the spotlight is now, but he's been busy for months.

    Routh is scheduled to show up in Iowa at Jordan Creek Town Center a week from Sunday.

    The actor's parents, Ron and Katie Routh, are ready to experience the red carpet in Hollywood. "We are going to fly out there and go through a whirlwind run around LA and get to see a new movie called 'Superman Returns,'" Ron Routh said.

    The film opens in theaters June 28, but before the first frame rolls across the silver screen, Routh will endure two weeks of intense interviews.

    "He did 67 interviews on Saturday and 55 interviews on Sunday, just one right after the other," Ron Routh said.

Read the full article at the KCCI.com website.

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