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June 13, 2006: Exclusive Interview with Louise Mingenbach

Six U.K. based Superman fans were chosen by Warner Bros. to submit questions to various cast and crew on "Superman Returns". Most of those chosen are Superman Homepage members, and we're pleased to present their exclusive interview with costume designer Louise Mingenbach.

    Q: Did you go through many S logo designs before deciding on the final logo?

    Louise: Bryan always knew he wanted a small S logo. That was never in doubt. We did have a few versions of the S. It was narrowed down to 2: the one that was used and one that had a "spine" down the center (a bit more 50's). In the end Bryan chose the one you see - and I liked it more because we were able to laser the very tiny little S's into it much more successfully.

Click here to read to read the complete interview with Louise Mingenbach.

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