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May 1, 2006: Quaker Oats “Superman Returns” Competition Launches

For a few weeks now we've seen a "Superman Returns" promotion on packets of Quaker Oats Life and Cap'n Crunch cereal packets. The competition begins today!

The "Find Superman Online" competition is only open to U.S. residents, but no purchase is required. Simply visit the "Find Superman Online" website between now and the end of September, and enter your access code (found on specially marked packs of Quaker Oats Cap'N Crunch, Life Cereal, Quaker Chewy Bars, Quaker Breakfast Bars and Bites, Pasta Roni, and Tropicana Chilled Drinks. If you don't have a code, you can visit the site, click on the "Need a free code?" button and follow the instructions.

Here's the list of prizes to be won:

  • 1,800 Grand Prizes: Xbox 360 Superman Returns EA video games. Approximate Retail Value: $60. 1,800
  • First Prizes: Xbox, PS2, PSP, NDS Superman Returns EA video games. ARV: $50. 225
  • Second Prizes:Superman Returns Mattel Inflato Suits. ARV: $24.99.
  • 225 Third Prizes:Superman Returns Mattel Punch N Crush Gloves. ARV: $19.99.
  • 2,250 Fourth Prizes: Superman Returns Mattel Kryptonite Crisis Board Game. ARV: $19.99.
  • 11,250 Fifth Prizes:Superman Returns Mattel Action Figures. ARV: $9.99.
  • 8,750 Sixth Prizes:Superman Returns Mattel Uno Card Games. ARV: $5.49.
  • 18,000 Seventh Prizes:Superman Returns Mattel Kryptonite Compounds. ARV: $4.99.
  • 8,750 Eighth Prizes: Superman Returns Mattel Puzzles. ARV: $2.99.

    In other "Superman Returns" news, the Westminster Council website lists the "Superman Returns" U.K. Premiere as July 13th - venue tbc.

    In news from Canada, the April 30 edition of the National Post newspaper, on the cover of the "Inside Entertainment" section (included within the newspaper), there is an interview with Brandon Routh where he talks about his preparation for the role, his previous knowledge of the character and his experience on the set.

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