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January 26, 2006: Marv Wolfman Talks “Superman Returns” Novelization

Talking with Publisher's Weekly about his "Crisis on Multiple Earths" novelization, Marv Wolfman also had this to say about his up-coming "Superman Returns" novel...

    As for Superman Returns, I'm taking a movie script and fleshing it out. I can't change anything major, although I can, and did, add scenes that talk more about the characters and some of the situations. In fact, I was asked to do that by the movie writers as well as by Bryan Singer, the director. I think the trick with movie novelizations is to make the reader think the movie was adapted from the book and not the other way around. That way the book has its own reason to exist.

Read the entire Marv Wolfman interview at the Publisher's Weekly website.

You can pre-order Marv Wolfman's "Superman Returns" novelization from Amazon.

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