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June 21, 2006: “Superman Returns” Online Video Updates

Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed a 2 minute and 33 second clip from "Superman Returns" on iTunes which you can download for free. The exclusive scene, "I'll take the seaplane", from the movie is now available on iTunes by clicking here. (You must have iTunes installed on your computer).

Brandon Routh appeared on "Late Show with David Letterman" tonight, you can check out the interview online via YouTube.

"Good Company" a TV show out of Ohio, interview Brandon about "Superman Returns". Check it out via their website.

Meanwhile, the 2nd full theatrical trailer (previously available at other locations) is now available via Apple's website.

Triligors emailed us to let us know he's uploaded the following videos to YouTube:

AP Kate Bosworth interview - AP interviews Kate Bosworth.

CBS NEWS Kate & Bryan interview - CBS NEWS with Kate Bosworth & Bryan Singer.

GDS Brandon Routh interview - GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO interview Brandon Routh.

AP Kevin Spacey interview - AP interviews Kevin Spacey.

AP Superman Returns Mirimar Air Station screening - Brandon Routh hosts the Superman Returns Mirimar Air Station screening.

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