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Dreamwatch - July 2006

July 21, 2006: Dreamwatch Examines Superman Past & Present

The July 2006 edition of Dreamwatch magazine (#22 in the U.S./#143 in the U.K.) features "Superman Returns" on the cover. Inside they look at Superman past and present; Kate Bosworth talks about what it's like to be the latest Lois Lane; they examine the making of "Superman: The Movie" in the late 1970s; and try to figure our what went wrong with "Superman IV".

There's also interviews with production designer Guy Dyas, and screenwriters Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris...

    "I think a lot of people assume we sit in a quiet room for 12 hours a day and do nothing but write the script, laughs Michael Dougherty, co-writer of Superman Returns and X2. With his writing partner Dan Harris, the pair have been charged with the responsibility of putting words into the mouths of icons like Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. That must have been quite a daunting prospect..."Bryan [Singer], Dan and myself hammered out a very loose treatment on a plane back from Hawaii that really only went to maybe the end of the first act. When we were committed to doing it, Dan and I went off and really hammered out a [full] treatment from beginning to end, which we went through with Bryan, reading it page by page out loud. We revised it again so Bryan felt comfortable presenting orally to Warner Bros. He sat there reading this 30-some-page treatment out loud to this room full of executives. Once we got the go-ahead from the studio, we took the treatment and divided it up between the two of us. We would go off separately, do it, email each other our documents, and revise each other that way. Eventually, we would merge them into one document."

    Harris and Dougherty are now synonymous with director Singer thanks to their two superhero movies together and their early work on Logan's Run for the film-maker, a project the trio left in neutral while they went off to tackle the mega-budget Man of Steel. Like Singer, the duo have a beloved favourite under their belt with X2, but did that make the job of bringing Superman back to the big screen any easier?

Read more in the July edition of Dreamwatch magazine.

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