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June 22, 2006: Review of “Superman Returns” Soundtrack - Spoiler Free

Reviewed by: Neal Bailey

41. Main Titles - 4 of 5: How can you mess up the Superman Theme? It's very difficult. It's an all-time classic for film, and hands-down what everyone thinks of when they think of Superman, generally speaking. It's recursive, in that you can play it through in your head and then play it again, so it sticks in your head when you're working. It's great to think to, to write to, it's an awesome parody song in a comedy. It's an American classic.

This version is SLIGHTLY bastardized in that it spunks things up a bit, and in the end cuts off a bit early, but all in all, this is pretty much a note-for-note reproduction of Williams' theme, and a good one.

The Williams version is a bit cleaner, and this one has much more of a pronounced percussion which, even though I play the drums, is off-putting. The thing that makes the Williams version so great is the fact that he has a very clean, pronounced focus on the trumpets and horns.

Either way, still very much a good, honorable rendition.

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