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November 18, 2006: Superman Returns DVD and Videogame Launch Party

Superman Homepage report Leo Partible attended the Warner Bros. and EA Games launch party for the "Superman Returns" DVD and Videogame on Thursday night at Social Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. Leo's report on the night will be online over the next few days.

In the meantime, IESB.net has a stack of photos from the event, and a couple of video interviews. There's one with Brandon Routh discussing the up-coming sequel, and another with Ilya Salkind who discusses his up-coming "Siegel and Shuster" movie.

IGN.com also has an interview with Brandon Routh in which he discusses his voice work for the videogame amongst other things.

There's also a small gallery of photos from the event at DC-Kingdom.com.

Unscripted 360 has put up a podcast interview with "Superman Returns: The Videogame" Supervising Producer, Jeff Peters.

Warner Bros. has also supplied the Superman Homepage with the new online video player below, for Superman fans to check out some cool "Superman Returns" online videos.

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