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August 8, 2006: Superman Costumes in “Hollywoodland”

IGN FilmForce has managed to snag a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from the Costume Department for the up-coming film "Hollywoodland", showing the Superman costumes to be worn by Ben Affleck in his role as George Reeves.

    The film has been dogged recently by a small amount of controversy over how much "Superman" will be in Hollywoodland, seeing as how Warner Bros. controls the rights to the character's cinematic use and likeness. IGN was previously told that Hollywoodland had to change its name (it was previously entitled Truth, Justice and the American Way) so as to not be sued by Warners over the use of the Man of Steel's motto. The question later arose whether Hollywoodland could also use Superman's famous "S" chest symbol. It would seem difficult at best to make a film about an actor who played Superman without showing him looking like Superman. The two exclusive images seen below - provided to IGN by a trusted secret source - reveal the costume that Affleck wears in his Superman scenes. As you can see, the color suit is a perfect reproduction of the old Reeves costume, while the grey suit is a reproduction of the one worn by Reeves when Superman was filmed in black & white.

Visit IGN FilmForce to read the complete article and view more photos.

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