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November 28, 2006: Brandon Routh and Eva Marie Saint Talk Superman DVD & Sequel

About.com has published interviews with Brandon Routh, Eva Marie Saint, Sam Huntington, and Stephan Bender, where they talk about the "Superman Returns" DVD and the up-coming sequel (tentatively titled "Superman: The Man of Steel"). Here's an excerpt from Brandon's interview...

    What villain do you want to see in Superman: The Man of Steel?

    Brandon Routh: "Well, there's a lot of talk about Brainiac. Everyone wants to see Brainiac. But I tell you what, in the Superman Returns video game, you get to play as Bizarro. Bizarro's pretty fun; you can have some fun with that. So I would lean towards one of those. With Brainiac there's a lot of possibilities there. He's another mastermind villain so he can create any number of evil things."

    Superman Returns was a love letter to Richard Donner. Will Bryan Singer now make Superman his own?

    Brandon Routh: "Certainly. Bryan had a huge feat on his hands. He had to recreate Superman for the 21st generation with a huge gap since the last film came out. He also has a new guy in the pipes, so he had a lot of hurdles to leap. He did a fantastic job. You have to make the character real and believable and lovable again, so he did that in a fantastic way. Now the world is his oyster. He can do whatever he wants now because he's put Superman back to where he should be."

    Is there anything you're looking forward to playing next time?

    Brandon Routh: "Well, there's talk of fighting, so that would be, instead of getting beat up this time, maybe throwing some punches or at least throw some bad guys around. So that'd be fun for some different kind of stunts. See how the relationship with Lois progresses..."

Read the complete interview as well as interviews with Eva Marie Saint, Sam Huntington, and Stephan Bender at the About.com website.

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