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Golden Globe Awards

January 18, 2006: Brandon Routh at the Golden Globe Awards

The marketing machine of "Superman Returns" blasted off last night with the first major awards show appearance by new Superman Brandon Routh. On last night's 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Show, Routh presented the award for Best Supporting Actress with co-presenter Teri Hatcher. Hatcher portrayed Lois Lane from 1993 to 1997 on ABC's "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (the second season DVD set of which was released today). Before presenting the award, Hatcher congratulated Routh on his upcoming role and offered to make herself available to him for any advice as she has had experience in "that genre" herself. She then told Routh that she noticed he'd forgotten his glasses backstage. Routh put on the glasses given to him by Hatcher and the audience suddenly got their first live look at the new Clark Kent.

That was far from the only Superman connection in last night's Golden Globe telecast, however. Actor Hugh Laurie, originally cast by Bryan Singer to portray Daily Planet Editor in Chief Perry White in the upcoming blockbuster, won the Award for Best Actor in a television comedy for his role on Fox's "House" (which is also a Bryan Singer production). Laurie backed out of playing the role of Perry White in "Superman Returns" so he could continue uninterrupted in his leading role on "House". Actor Frank Langella is now playing Perry White in "Superman Returns."

Former Superman Dean Cain was on the red carpet at the Golden Globes -- but as a reporter for the Pre-Award Arrival special.

Finally, the winner of the Best Actor Award for a motion picture was Joaquin Phoenix for his performance as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line". Back when Phoenix still went by the first name of Leaf, he had one of his first major television appearances on the live-action "Superboy" TV series in the episode, "Little Hercules".

Before the awards started, IESB.net managed to grab a few minutes with Brandon on the red carpet, asking him various questions about "Superman Returns"...

    How was it for him to transition from being a regular joe to landing the biggest superhero role in recent history? He briefly mentions how he got cast for the role due to his audition tape with McG.

    We had to ask a few questions regarding the film itself. Brandon explained how Superman leaves without saying a word to Lois Lane and that causes some bitterness on her part. He also confirms that there is only one villain, Lex Luthor.

    We also touch up on the possibility of seeing the long awaited Superman vs. Batman and his overall experience on the set of Superman Returns.

Watch the video interview at IESB.net in either Quicktime or WMV formats.

Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards
Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards
Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards

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