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July 22, 2006: Superman SCREAM Award 2006 Nominations

Spike TV announced this weekend at Comic-Con the categories and nominations for the first-ever Spike TV SCREAM Awards 2006, which celebrates horror, science fiction, fantasy, and comic books. "Superman Returns" received nine nominations, coming in with the second-most nominations behind "Batman Begins", in categories ranging from "Best Director" (Bryan Singer); to "Breakout Performance" and "Best Superhero" (both Brandon Routh); to the "Holy S***!"/"Jump-From-Your-Seat" Award (Space Shuttle/777 Rescue). "Superman Returns" also received nominations for "The Ultimate Scream", "Best Fantasy Movie", "Best Sequel", " Best Comic-to-Screen Adaptation", and "Best F/X". TV's "Smallville" received a nomination for "Best TV Show". Grant Morrison-penned comic book series, "All Star Superman", received nominations for "Best Comic Book" and "Best Comic Book Artist" (for Frank Quitely's artwork). Vote now as online voting will determine the winners. The first annual SCREAM Awards airs Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 10 PM on Spike TV.

Click here to read the entire Press Release for the Spike TV SCREAM Awards 2006 including a list of all the categories and nominations.

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