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June 15, 2006: More “Superman Returns” Billboards and Promotions

Superman Homepage member Supermanila sent in the following photos from the Philippines.

He took photos of a billboard in EDSA, a busy city high-way in the Philippines, it's a product tie-in with Epson.

He also went to a mall called MEGAMALL, it's one of the most popular and bigger malls in the Philippines, where he saw a Superman Returns display stage, promoting a tie-in with ASTROVISION, one of the largest retail stores selling DVDs and VCDs. The photo of the stage, shows they were screening Superman: The Movie to a large projector screen.

He also took a photo of a billboard tie-in with Hanford, a men's underwear brand.

"Superman Returns" movie tickets for both the Cinema and IMAX theaters are available for pre-purchase in the Philippines.

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