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June 13, 2006: Superman Returns Videogame Print Ad

MTV News has published an article about the print ad currently in circulation for "Superman Returns: The Videogame". Here's part of the article...

    In gaming magazines and the back of DC Comics editions this month, ads are appearing for "Superman Returns: The Video Game." The game was supposed to be released in sync with the movie but was recently delayed to the fall, too late for Electronic Arts to yank ads that are running now. The ad itself is radically different than any game ad America's largest video game company has run in years, because it's not really about Superman. It's about the people who made Superman's game.

    Secret identities are revealed: Amid images of the game, the text champions level designer Zach Wilson, producer Jeff Peters and concept-art director Phil Straub. Wilson's concerned with getting Superman to fly right; Straub provides a talking point for the development team's map of Metropolis.

    "We have a company here that is filled with people that are incredibly passionate about what they do and about gaming," EA Vice President of Advertising Shawn Conly told GameFile. "We felt those people weren't having a chance to shine as much as we'd like."

    The ad also makes the point of naming the studio behind "Superman" (Tiburon), the studio's location (Orlando, Florida) and the number of people on the development team (140).

Read the complete article at the MTV News website.

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