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February 13, 2006: Mattel Launches Superman Returns Line at ToyFair 2006

The International Toy Fair was held over the past week, and it looks like Mattel will have a nice helping of toys dedicated to the Man of Steel.

Superman Returns - Just as Batman Begins received a line of figures and vehicles, Superman Returns will also have its own line. Most of the action figures are 5", and showcase Superman's awesome powers and abilities, as well as his conflicts with Kryptonite and Lex Luthor. Mattel will also release a Rock - Em - Sock - Em game with Superman taking on Metallo.

Superhero Times reports that we will see two different sizes of action figures in this upcoming line, the standard 5.5 figures, Clark To Superman, Flying Superman, Lex Luthor and many more along with the 7 inch deluxe figures that include electronics or mechanisms that illustrate the power of flight, heat vision or super strength.

The Flight Force deluxe figure contains a gyroscope to create the force and sensation that Superman experiences while in flight. A removable action controller activates the punching strength of the Mega-Punch Deluxe Superman, and LED's accentuate the eyes of the Heat Vision Deluxe Superman figure.

Superman Returns Inflato-Suit: This summer, the Man of Steel is back in the Warner Bros. motion picture, Superman Returns. Mattel's toy line features role-playing toys that enable kids to demonstrate Superman's epic powers. The Superman Returns Inflato-Suit lets kids imagine that they have the strength, the power ... and the physique of the Man of Steel. A dedicated battery-operated fan inflates the Superman suit, transforming kids into their favorite superhero, all muscle-bound and awe-inspiring.

HollywoodReporter.com also reports that the "Superman Returns" merchandise created enormous excitement among toy retailers. Of note was the flying radio remote-controlled Superman that can soar up to 300 feet in the air for two minutes of non-stop flying.

    "It's the first time ever kids can make Superman fly," said Geoff Walker, vp of entertainment marketing for master toy licensee Mattel.

    "We've tried to build in as much as we can in terms of the themes of Superman, the role playing and the things that Superman does so kids can experience that in the toys," said Brad Globe, president of Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

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