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June 18, 2006: Brandon Routh in Australia

The Australian conducted an interview with Brandon Routh, during his short visit to Australia to promote "Superman Returns". Here's part of that interview...

    Superman Returns is Routh's first feature film, and though he is keen to star in any sequels, he does not think he will be typecast as the Man of Steel.

    "I believe that I'm a talented enough actor to play a lot of different stuff, and I certainly want to," Routh said. "I like comedy a lot ... and drama as well. I can see both in my career."

    Despite his towering frame (Routh stands at 190cm) and huge bulk in the film (he put on 10kg of muscle to fill out the skin-tight costume), there were reports earlier this week that his Superman was "not macho enough" for its target audience: teenage boys.

    The actor defended the film, which director Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects) has described as a "modern romance". "There's definitely romantic elements between Superman and Lois Lane, real human emotions, which is what makes the film important," Routh said. "(But) that doesn't overshadow the action."

Read the complete interview at The Australian newspaper website.

Look for an update soon on Brandon's appearance on Channel 7's "Sunrise" breakfast show.

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