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July 13, 2006: Stephan Bender Talks “Superman Returns”

Stephan Bender, the seventeen year old actor who plays a 15 year old Clark Kent in "Superman Returns", travelled back home to Ava in Missouri, for the premiere of the movie, and spoke to the Ozark County Times about how he won the part...

    "There were tons of guys at the audition," recalled Bender. "I really didn't think I'd get a call-back. Then two days later I got the call-back at Bryan Singer's house. We talked a lot and I did a lot of jumping around.

    "A couple days after that I found out I got the role. At first I didn't believe it, because my mom was the one who answered the phone. I thought she was joking."

    The reality of landing the role didn't hit Bender immediately.

    "It didn't hit me until I was actually on the plane to Australia. Then it just blew me away."

Read the complete article at the Ozark County Times website.

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