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March 8, 2006: New Image Rendering from EA's “Superman Returns: The Videogame”

EA has released a new image from "Superman Returns: The Videogame". The new image is a " render" from their development team. For those not familiar with the term, this image was created with models used in the game. The developers place those models into a 3D program, add lighting and shadows, then render out an image to use as a goal. The game's programmers use this goal image as a visual reference to build towards as the game progresses - basically, this is what they want the game to look like.

In this particular image, Superman battles a mysterious creature that's broken out of Cadmus Labs. Cadmus is best known to comic book fans as the institution where the Superboy clone came from, as well as a whole host of other genetic experiments - some of which turned out better than others.

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