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Parker as Kitty

April 4, 2006: Parker Posey on Her Role as Kitty

SciFi Wire has posted a quick interview with Parker Posey regarding her role as Kitty, Lex Luthor's girlfriend in "Superman Returns". Here's part of what Parker had to say...

    The role is similar to the part of Eve Teschmacher in Donner's movie. "I'm in the Valerie Perrine part from the original movie," Posey said. "She is ... the girlfriend of Lex, and of course, he wants to take over the world."

    But the character is less evil than one would expect, Posey said. "He wants to destroy the world, and she doesn't want to," she said. "She [has] much more conscience about the world around her. She is into pretty things and money, but Kitty has a heart. And, yes, she has a change of heart. ... She is torn between materialism and love, but Kitty kind of wakes up. It's cool."

In other "Superman Returns" news, movie fans in Kuala Lumpur will be able to catch a glimpse of upcoming blockbuster movies for this year at the Movie Carnival 2006 to be held at Berjaya Times Square for two days from April 22.

They will also able to purchase a RM6 ticket per movie at the carnival if they buy it before noon during the two-day event.

The event organised by Cinema Online, a cinema resource and marketing and public relations agency Mypartners Communications, is being held for the first and time will also show snippets of X-Men 3, Superman Returns, Garfield 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Cinema Online director of cinema resource, Chin Vin Sen said the movie carnival which brought together all major movie distributors, sponsors and licensees, would showcase the biggest feature movies of the year.

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