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November 27, 2006: LA Times on “Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut”

The LA Times has published an article on "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut", with quotes from Richard Donner, Margot Kidder and Ilya Salkind. Here's part of the article...

    "THE DONNER CUT" was premiered at the Directors Guild recently and the crowd cheered as much for their own memories as for what they saw on the screen, especially when the image was the late Reeve flying against a blue sky.

    Kidder attended and wore a big smile most of the night, and after the credits rolled she said it had been a revelation to watch Reeve in the restored scenes, especially a wrenching exchange with Brando portraying the ghostly echo of Superman's father.

    "Finally, it shows what a great actor Chris was," she said. "This is his best performance now, and I'm just so thankful that it can be seen."

Read the complete report at the LA Times website.

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