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July 11, 2006: More Celebrity Comments on “Superman Returns”

Here are a few more reviews from Superman related celebrities regarding "Superman Returns"...

Louise "Weezie" Simonson - Writer

    "Saw Superman Returns and enjoyed it. Lots of action. Fast paced and very beautiful.

    As you may know, I worked from an earlier version of the screenplay for the Junior Novel adaptation and was very pleased with the changes in character concerns and motivations from the earlier script to the movie. Thought the changes were a big improvement - though lots of stuff must have ended up on the cutting room floor. Most of it for the better.

    Of course I wasn't allowed to know the BIG REVELATION. They were saving that for the movie, so my adaptation (like so many others) ended differently than the movie.

    But I "knew the job was dangerous when I took it!" ;)

    And it was really cool that they let me write "Strange Visitor" as a movie prequel!"

Bob Holiday - Superman in the 1966 "It's a bird, It's a plane, It's Superman!" Broadway Musical

    Sunday July 2, 2006, I planned to see "Superman Returns", by myself. I sat in an isle seat, no candy, no popcorn and no water... and happily, no large head in front of me.

    I loved the movie... I loved the cast, I loved the music. I feel that Lois still loves Superman. Lex Luthor beating Superman made me angry and made my eyes tear. I was very upset and angry.

    This Superman applauds that Superman (Brandon Routh) and the entire cast and crew.

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