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July 28, 2006: “Superman Returns: The Videogame” Interview with Chris Gray

ShackNews.com has posted an interview with "Superman Returns: The Videogame" Executive Producer Chris Gray to ask him all about the up-coming game release. Here's part of the interview...

    Q: What is the storyline for Superman Returns?

    Chris Gray: The Superman Returns: The Video Game storyline is guided by, but not limited to, the hit movie. So you'll see all the key action, actors and storylines from the movie, but those will be jointed by characters and storylines from over 60 years of comic lore. In the end, the game is about 50% movie/50% original elements.

    Q: How does the game go about blending movie action with 60+ years of comic book history? Please elaborate.

    Chris Gray: Ultimately, the game follows the movie's plotline, but this is not a literal 'play-through-the-movie' type of game. We have managed to incorporate some major villains from the Superman mythology into the game world, to better tie the movie and the history of Superman together; we sort of bridge the gap between them.

    Q: How long is the main game's storyline? Also, how many main objectives are there, and how many side quests are available?

    Chris Gray: The main storyline is shaping up to be about 15 hours for a skilled player, but open world games are all about sandbox time. There is plenty to see and protect in Metropolis, so this game will hold attention for quite a while.

Read the whole interview over at the ShackNews.com website.

"Superman Returns: The Videogame" is schedule for a Fall 2006 release, and is available for pre-order now for X-Box 360, X-Box, PSP, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Dual Screen.

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