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January 13, 2006: Calendar Live “Superman Returns” Set Visit Report

The LA Times has published a "Superman Returns" Set Visit report via their "CalendarLive.com" website. The article also includes 18 photos (the new ones are posted below for you). Here's some excerpts from the article...

    The Costume:
    In a secret corner of a warehouse here, the biggest star of one of the biggest movies of 2006 was hidden away all of last summer. Outside eyes were not welcome and sunlight was blocked out to avoid its aging effects. But on one rainy day in June, the star's keeper allowed a rare visit. "Not a lot of people get to see this," she said with a conspiratorial whisper as her key clicked open the lock.

    Inside were 60 versions of a famous costume, all blue tights and red capes, but hardly identical. Some of the crimson capes were fashioned of silk twill (for just the right flutter during supersonic flying) while others came with boots of vinyl (better than leather during those seagoing adventures). More than a few featured a specially milled French wool that simply dazzles beneath a Metropolis sunset.

    "This one here is a beauty cape," said Louise Mingenbach, the costume designer for "Superman Returns," "and with backlighting it's gorgeous ... the aura a hero deserves, don't you think?"

    Previous Failed-Versions:
    "I don't want to sound critical, but some of the changes were, in a way, quite dangerous," said Guy Hendrix Dyas, production designer for "Superman Returns." "To ignore or explode the folklore may feel rewarding or bold for the person doing it, but you really risk treading on what's been done before. Bryan didn't want to do that."

    Scope of the Movie:
    The movie is big in a literal sense too: Singer's emphasis on real-world sets meant building a 200-foot burning spaceship, the façade of a five-story Daily Planet, the glass-bottomed deck of a luxury yacht, the Fortress of Solitude and a Kansas homestead (complete with cornfield) re-created in a dusty Australian plain an hour's flight from Sydney.

    Asked about the breadth of the endeavor, Singer shrugged. "It has to be big, right? It's Superman."

    Routh, at certain moments, looks remarkably like Reeve, although the young man's features are thicker than the late actor's.

    "Watching some of the footage, there was a spot where I turned my head and I looked just like him," Routh said, sounding amazed. He most resembles Reeve in the guise of Clark Kent. "It's nice, actually. It makes me proud."

Read the complete article at the CalendarLive website.

Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns
Clark Reading the Daily Planet I Love Superman banner Kal-El Returns to Earth
Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns
Lex, Kitty and Henchmen Lex, Kitty and the Train Set Marth Kent and Ben Hubbard Bryan Singer and Lex's Train Set
Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns
Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer Lex Luthor Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer
Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns
Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer Superman catches the Daily Planet globe Clark tries on the Superman Costume

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