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That's Gold!

August 3, 2006: Superman - That's Gold!

Here's one for our Australian fans who are familiar with the Channel 9 Rugby League "Footy Show".

Matt Copping, who worked on "Superman Returns" as a Dolly Grip, snapped this photo of he and Brandon Routh (in full Superman costume) inside Sydney's Fox Studios, doing the "That's Gold" hand signal made famous by Paul Harrigan on "The Footy Show".

Thanks to Matt's wife Jo for emailing us the photo.

While we're talking about interesting things associated with Brandon Routh, fans might like to watch a comedy music video by Chester Tam, who's a collaborator with The Lonely Island, who are responsible for the SNL Digital Shorts. It stars Chester and Kal Penn... with a special guest appearance from a moustached, rapping Brandon Routh, playing a bike cop.

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