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November 12, 2006: Superman DVD News & Reviews

Jay Towers, a reporter on MyFox in Detroit is a big Superman fan and emailed the Superman Homepage to let us know that MyFox has posted an online video of Jay talking about "Superman II: The Donner Cut", which features some footage from the November 2nd Hollywood screening of the film. Check it out!

Meanwhile SecondDimension.net has published a short review of the Region 3 release of "Superman Returns" 2-disc DVD.

    The second disc is simple but worth-while, with 10 deleted scenes and a three-hour documentary divided, if desired, into six individual half-hour (-ish) segments. Each segment demands re-watches, offering an all-access pass behind the scenes to the filmmaking process. This is a documentary on par with that offered by the T2 Ultimate edition a few years back. It's refreshing to find a DVD documentary that, when not informing, completely entertains (Richard Branson was one of the shuttle pilots!), with Singer essentially acting as the host. For the Superman fan this set will be worth the price alone for the glimpse of Singer and child star Tristan Lake Leabu rehearsing/recording the audio from Superman: The Movie's opening titles.

DVDActive.com has a number of images online showing the DVD Menu screens and some stills taken from some of the deleted scenes on the DVD.

You can pre-order the 2-disc "Superman Returns" DVD or get it as part of the 14-disc Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition box set. Both will be released on November 28th.

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