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May 10, 2006: Bryan Singer on Making “Superman Returns” in Wizard Magazine

Wizard magazine's Mega Movie issue (available tomorrow) features an 8 page expose on the making of "Superman Returns".

    "If the story and the characters aren't working," Singer revealed to Wizard in a three-hour sitdown in his Hollywood home, "no one gives a s--t about how big the action is."

    And the biggest challenge for Singer?

    "The toughest part was making Superman fly," Singer admitted. "It's very challenging from a physical and practical F/X standpoint. I'm constantly combining the two. Deliberating on the physics of Superman and keeping it believable and keeping you emotionally involved in the story is so challenging-F/X wise, it's just so hard."

Singer details all the challenges of bringing Superman to the big screen, and he also reveals his favorite movie of all time and the connection between his movie and TV's "Smallville" in a rollicking eight-page interview in Wizard's Mega Movie issue, which hits comic shops on Wednesday.

Read more at the Wizard Universe website.

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